So you’ve had the first date – what happens next?

So you’ve had the first date, What happens next ?

You met for a first date and everything went well, Right.. But, Maybe you parted not knowing what to say, There was a smile or a small hug though so what do you do?

Some of these tips are quite basic. But it seems that many people forget about them, and then they ask what they have done. Usually, it’s something so basic that it’s almost embarrassing to say.

Women know that it isn’t so much that men intend to be rude or inconsiderate. Sometimes it’s just that they aren’t sure which direction to take… after all, as diverse as women are, they aren’t exactly “easy” to deal with. One thing is certain: two important factors for a possible successful relationship are communication and respect, and it is on that which the following tips are based. But also it should not be forget the existence of physical chemistry.

Who should be the first to mention a second date ?

The truth is it doesn’t really matter , If everything went well. It will be a givin.. It is pretty common to rely on texting these days… But if you are going down that route, It’s best not to send the message that first night, It can send a bad look sometimes.

Even if your not 100% sure the first time around there’s no harm in going on a second date if there is a little bit of interest, You got along well in friendship so why not, Going on a dinner date or to the local is not exactly an instant sign-up anyway.

If you first met your date online, Be wary of putting too much pressure on a second date. One of the problems of Online dating is, Much of it is conducted Online, So in some cases you might get home only to see your new interest back online again..

Even though you recently agreed to a second date, Don’t start doing the angry email thing accusing them of lying or deceiving or what ever. It could be they are only responding to new messages or catching up with former dates who have become good friends, It’s best to wait and see, Play it cool as they say..

Instead of eagerly sitting by the phone every night, try being unavailable some of the time and let the answer phone pick up. Coming across too keen is always a turn off for either sex, so make sure you have other nights out planned and be deliberately vague about who they are with. You don’t have to take this to extreme levels; just play it cool enough to make your date realise they are lucky to be having the chance of a second date with you.

Try not to raise your expectations too high. Sometimes a great first date was a total fluke and the second date ends up being utterly dismal. If that happens to you, put it down to experience and move on. There are plenty more dates out there!



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