Second Date Etiquette

There is a specific second date etiquette, and your ability to act correctly can  have a huge impact on your date’s impression of you. At this point, you have  already had a successful first  date, and have earned a second date. Here are a few tips to help you  learn the correct second date etiquette.

When it comes to dating and relationships, there are no definite rules or regulations. You should always go with the flow! See where the things are and then take the right action at the right time so that you do not miss the moment! However, not all of us are so sharp and well versed with the dating game! So, if you are one of those people, who have no clue of what to expect or do on a second date. At the same time, want everything to go right so as to be third time lucky i.e. get a third date, here are some rules, which are sure to help you out…

Dating Etiquette for Women
Make Him Wait! I know I know… you have been preparing for this date for a very long time. Shopping for the dress, shoes, make-up, etc. to wear. But wait a minute! You do not have to tell the guy that the only thing that has been on your mind since the first date is him! Guys love challenges so make him wait. And the best way to do that on your second date is by arriving a few minutes late!

Be Approachable and Pleasant!
Another tip is to act very approachable and pleasant. If you come across as somebody who is so full of herself or is too pompous, the guy will be put off. So, be approachable and sweet, if you want to floor the guy!

Listen More, Talk Less!
This in no way means that you do not speak anything! Reply, whenever the guy asks you anything. Sound interesting, fun and adventurous. At the same time, listen to each and every word the guy is telling you. After all, second date is about knowing the person and trying to gauge whether you two are compatible! So, listen more and talk less.

Avoid Being Touchy and Emotional!
Girls are any day more sensitive than guys. However, guys are not comfortable when women display too much emotions, especially if they barely know you. So avoid any kind of emotional topics such as your previous relationships or some hardships that you had to face in life, etc.
No Physical Intimacy! Even if you are attracted to the guy to no end and have been dreaming about kissing him for a very long time, do not initiate getting physically intimate on the second date itself. Wait for a few dates, till you feel some kind of emotional bond building between you two, before you start a physical relationship!

Dating Rules for Men

Choose an Interesting Place!
All women like to be wooed and how! So, choose the meeting place very carefully. A romantic set-up such as a candlelight dinner date at an open air restaurant or a road trip (if the girl is sporty and adventurous) are some of the interesting options you can look into. DO NOT take the girl to a sporting event or a boring place like a museum. Choose a unique place for your date! The more pains you take in arranging the date, the more your girl will be interested!

Do Not Get Physical!
If you are looking for a long-term relationship, avoid getting physical with the girl. Of course, mild flirting, sharing jokes and holding hands is allowed! However, beyond this, talking dirty or kissing, even if you desperately want to, should be avoided!

Woo Her!
All women love to be flattered! So, praise her beauty, her dress, her smile, her laugh and everything under the sun! Most importantly, sound extremely genuine! Believe me, no woman can ever resist admiration and that too from the man she likes (yes, she does like you! She agreed for the second date, didn’t she?)

Be Chivalrous and Caring!
I know it is the time of women liberation! Still, most women want the men they are dating to be sensitive and caring towards them. So, open doors for her, pull the chair for her, pick her up and drop her back after the date. Make her feel that she is very important to you and that you care for her well-being. And very soon, you will be rewarded!
Besides these rules, other important tips that you should keep in mind are – let the man pay for the date, do not introduce him/her to your family or friends and understand that it is only a second date! For a relationship to get formed, a lot more time is needed! So when you go on a date, keep an open mind!


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