How to Win Over a Guy

Understanding what makes a man tick and what does not, will help you win him over. Here are some delightful and helpful insights to help get a guy to commit. You get butterflies in your stomach even at the sight of him. You dream every night about him going down on bended knee, asking you to be … [Read More...]

The dating games we all play

In the dating minefield, men and women are both guilty of playing mind games with each other. Occasionally, they are malicious — but most of the time — they are simply manifestations of our own personal insecurities. That's why we asked a couple of dating experts to give us their take on how … [Read More...]

Dealing With Dating Firsts

First dates may be exciting as well as stressful enough for many people. But there are also other things that happen in succeeding dates that can be just as stressful. There are several dating firsts that people may expect at one time or another during their date. Here are just some of them and some … [Read More...]

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First Date Tips

Conversation starters for first dates.

When dating, there really isn't such a thing as a dating pro. First dates will always be intimidating, and to make it less daunting, you should be able to know … [Read More...]

First date flirting tips

Your pumped she said yes and are dressed to impress. It’s a beautiful thing but now you have to spark her interest, turn on the charm and ensure she wants a … [Read More...]

The Advantage Of Being Direct On A First Date

Many variables come into play when it comes to dates. They may either benefit or become the reasons for rejection. But what you would not want to experience … [Read More...]

7 Things you Shouldn’t Share on a First Date

We are all for honesty and transparency in relationships but there are some things that it is best not to share on a first date for obvious reasons: Your … [Read More...]

What to Talk About on a First Date

Fumbling with words is very natural on your first date, as the whole experience can be nerve wracking for someone who is shy or has been off dating for a … [Read More...]

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Second Date Tips

Does a bad first date equal no second date?

It is difficult when a first date doesn’t go as well as you hoped or expected it would, But that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t take it to a … [Read More...]

Second Date Tips to Build the Perfect Romance

A first date can make a big difference, but so does a second date. Use these second date tips to have a great time and get to know each other better. The … [Read More...]

Second Date Tips

So, I see that you have made it to your second date with your newfound partner! Job well done! You apparently made a good impression and your prospective lover … [Read More...]

Second Date Kiss – Tips For Men

Great. I applaud the fact that you're even considering kissing at this stage.  There's a lot of guys out there who think you have to be married with two kids  … [Read More...]

The Second Date – Advice for women

You had the time of your life in your first date. You think of him every now and then. You yearn to catch a glimpse of your date and will be thankful even if … [Read More...]

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